Nursing Home Bookkeeper

Do you know if your Nursing Home Bookkeeper is a BAS Registered Agent?

Why does it matter?

You should choose a BAS registered bookkeeping agent because we are required to operate under a Professional Code of Conduct which means that if we breach this code (ie. leave your books in a mess) then civil penalties with fines apply. Without this protection it could prove to be a very costly exercise both financially and emotionally for you and your business.

Vulnerable Industries

In an industry such as Aged Care where you need to be assured of strong control, confidentiality and competence, you should ensure that you have a Nursing Home Bookkeeper or Aged Care Facility Bookkeeper that specializes in this field, is a BAS registered agent and applies proper techniques that comply with relevant federal and state regulations.

Don’t risk your business in the hands of an unregistered Bookkeeper, call Carla and her team today and find the right fit for your business needs

Peace of mind

Working with one of our CBK skilled bookkeepers will also help ensure that any data entry, reconciliation, and filing is done properly, putting your business in good stead for not only the current financial quarter, but for future ones. We can help your develop good bookkeeping practices and correct and resolve any issues or oversights.

Our services do extend beyond the figures on a ledger. We will also ensure that all relevant invoices and folders are kept on the premises until your accountant closes out the financial year. This prevents any potential loss of key documents or reports, and guarantees that in the event of an audit, all legally required information is present.

We also regularly liaise with accountants, as well as with the Tax Office, to ensure that your needs are being met.