BAS & IAS Preparation & Lodgement

As registered BAS Agents the team at CBKBS Business Solutions can help you with the preparation of all relevant quarterly paperwork including your BAS, your IAS and your PAYG reporting requirements. In doing so we ensure that you meet your regular reporting obligations with the Australian Taxation Office

It is a requirement for all businesses to meet these reporting obligations with the ATO. Rather than keep your head in the sand and fall behind, you should engage us to submit your paperwork. We may even be able to get you granted an extension for your submissions.

To ensure your paperwork is accurate as submitted we input and cross check all of the following – ensuring all paperwork is submitted correctly and that you don’t pay more than you need to. When you are due a refund we ensure that this refund is paid to the relevant bank account.

As Registered BAS Agents, CBKBS Business Solutions can also liaise with the ATO on your behalf if required. 

The preparation and lodgement of your BAS and IAS is a multistep process that includes (but may not be limited to) the following:

  • Reconciliation of all bank accounts and credit card statements against the data in your bookkeeping software
  • Any cash payments/undeposited funds noted and entered into your bookkeeping software
  • All income and expenses entered into the bookkeeping software
  • Purchase or sale of equipment noted in the bookkeeping software
  • Any fuel tax credits, insurance claims and refunds (this includes workcover)
  • FInance Arrangements
  • Government Grants
  • Director Loans
  • Check all tax codes are inputted correctly for all income and expenses
  • Reconcile GST allocated

Once this is all done we can begin the process of preparing your BAS and IAS documents for submission to the ATO. We check that all your tax code allocations are correct so that you are reporting your GST obligations correctly

At CBKBS Business Solutions we have a passionate team of bookkeepers. We are committed to supporting our business clients, including through the preparation of all paperwork required for them to fulfil their obligations with the ATO. 

If you want this support and confidence in your bookkeeping services please get in touch today for a no obligation quote.

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