Frequently Ask Questions

– General bookkeeping
– Workcover reconciliations and lodgments
– BAS/IAS preparation and lodgment
– TPAR preparation and Lodgement
– Superannuation and Payroll
– Accounts Receivable & payable management
– Bank Reconciliations
– Inventory control
– Clean up work/Rescue Jobs
– Migration from other accounting systems (manual included)
– Software and system set up
– GST reconciliations
– Reporting such as Profit & loss, Balance Sheet, Forecasting and more

A bookkeeper can become an integral part of your business as their knowledge and
experience allows you to concentrate on the tasks within your business that you are
great at. A Bookkeeper’s role is to support you in how you want to run your business so
it is up to you what role we play. Whether it be for major things such as BAS and Tax or
everyday things such as bank reconciliations, payroll and accounts management, we
have a solution to suit your needs no matter big or small.

– Secure file sharing and messaging platforms
– Encrypted file storage of sensitive information such as logins and passwords
– Comply with strict Industry regulations
– Use Two Factor Authentication

– We have an HR team for any regulation or industry

– We handle payroll for and Single touch payroll filing

– Presently the most used on the market is Xero but we are confident in using all the other
accounting software available that suits your business the most

– Absolutely! And we can provide training in the new system

– This is “customized” to each client depending on their needs. Usually the first 3/6b months are
on an hourly rate, once we established how much time and service the client require, we switch
to a Fix Monthly fee

– We can provide financial reports to suit your needs.

– Definitely can, you can look the testimonial from WORD OF MOUTH

– Yes, I am also a BAS AGENT

– The first time I usually meet the prospect/client going to their office or a venue suitable for both
of us, I let the client to tell me about his/her business, I have a set of question that will allow me
to understand what possibly can be done to simplify the bookkeeping process if needed. The
next step is an official engagement letter.