Are you suffering from “paper overwhelm?” Here’s how tradies can embrace the Cloud and ditch the paper.

One of the most common frustrations we hear from our tradie clients is that they suffer from paper overwhelm – from paper quotes, to paper invoices as well as collecting their receipts they just find it hard to keep track of everything.

When they come to us they are often overwhelmed and frustrated. We understand this and know how much of an impact it can have on their business. 

We want to help tradies avoid this overwhelm and have developed strategies that make sure that tradies minimise their paper usage through the use of Cloud technologies. 

It is possible for tadies to go paperless – timesheets, quotes invoices and receipts all can be managed online. This has countless benefits for a tradie. 

  • The get quotes out faster which means they get paid more quickly
  • They can keep track of receipts which means that BAS and tax returns are prepared more easily
  • They can send out invoices more quickly after work is done so they get paid faster
  • They can keep track of work done more easily to make sure that they are not under charging.

We help our tradie clients set themselves up with the right apps – apps that they can use on their smartphones. They can use apps that they are probably already carrying around anyway. These apps and devices replace the multitude of paperwork many tradies may have historically carried with them from job site to job site.

Cloud software and the elimination of much of your paperwork helps with the following

  • Increased productivity as data gets input more quickly
  • More “billable” hours and less time spent on paperwork
  • No lost papers or data. Everything is easily searchable online
  • All of your information is stored in one place
  • Take electronic signatures for quotes and other datas
  • No need to double enter details – first on paper and then in your bookkeeping software
  • Enter your data from anywhere and collaborate more easily with your bookkeeper.
  • Save money – you’ll make sure all hours are billed and you’ll never miss a tax deduction. 

If you are ready to save time, and make more money, then making the effort to be come paperless will be a great opportunity for your business. You’ll also notice environmental benefits. Less paper means less trees being cut down. More trees being left up means less CO2 in the atmosphere.

If you want to look at how going paperless can benefit your tradie business please get in touch today, We can help you get set up with the right software solutions and put in place the appropriate processes for all aspects of your business. Let us help you get started today with the setup of your systems and the training on how to use them.

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