Changing Bookkeepers – A 5 Step Process

Are you thinking of changing bookkeepers? There may be a number of reasons that you are considering a change – perhaps your bookkeeper is slow responding? Perhaps they are looking at retirement and you do not have a choice? 

There may be a number of reasons for you to look at a new bookkeeper and if you are unprepared it can be a thoroughly stressful experience. 

That is why we wrote this article – an attempt to make it easier for you to change bookkeepers if you need to.

Make Sure You Have All Your Data and Files Easily Accessible 

The first thing you need to do is make sure that all your important business data is easily accessible. And I mean everything. Your current bookkeeping account logins, previous returns, your bank statements and your receipts. Chances are that a new bookkeeper will want to do at least a preliminary review of previous financial years to make sure there are no mistakes.

Make Sure You Are Not Currently Under Contract

You need to do yourself a favour and make sure that you are not locked into any contracts with your current provider. There would be nothing worse than making a change of bookkeeper, only to find that you are then hit with a fee for breaking a contract. Make sure you read your terms and conditions carefully.

Research Your Options For a New Bookkeeper First

Don’t tell your current bookkeeper that you are leaving before you are definitely ready to leave. Do your research on new options first. Speak to some bookkeepers and find out whether they have the specialisation you need, and whether their fees are reasonable. You should also make sure you check to make sure they have the right licensing and qualifications.

Think About Whether You Really Want to Change

Before taking the leap the last thing you need to do is really think about it. I mean, this may sound silly, but it’s something worth discussing. Do you REALLY want to change? Whatever has caused you to start thinking about changing has to be actually serious enough to make a change.

Sign Up and Make the Move

If, after the previous step, you decide it is time to make the change, then it’s time to sign a letter of agreement with your new bookkeeper and inform your previous bookkeeper that you are moving. Let your old bookkeeper know that they may be hearing from your new bookkeeper and that they should act ethically.

If you are thinking of making a change to a new bookkeeping service, we are here to help. Please get in touch with us today for a no obligation discussion and quote regarding your bookkeeping needs. 

CBK Bookkeeping Services can help meet all of your bookkeeping services needs.

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