Do you need a specialised Mechanic Bookkeeper

cbk mechanic bookkeeperIn the Mechanical Industry where your needs are hands on and labour intensive we often find that the one area that doesn’t get the attention and love it needs is the books. As a specialist Mechanic Bookkeeper, we are able to help you and your business.

Who is in control?

Business owners that do run a tight ship and are in complete control of their books generally have outsourced a Mechanic Bookkeeper because they recognise that in order to be on top of it all they need the assistance of a professional. If you attempt to ‘do it all yourself’ you will find that you become time poor and spend nights and weekends labouring over piles of receipts instead of spending time with your family or pursuing your own hobbies.

Create work life balance

If you are the latter, then perhaps 2016 is the time you made the change and looked at hiring your own Mechanic Bookkeeper that can ensure your business stays on track and that you have free time to gain more of a work / life balance.

Why use a specialised Mechanic Bookkeeper?

We are specialised in this field and understand the needs of your industry, we can assist with general bookkeeping services, payroll, reporting or we can do a ‘Health Check’ to give you a snapshot of any problem areas in your bookkeeping.

CBK Bookkeeping assists:

  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Auto Electricians
  • Air-conditioning Mechanics
  • Radiator / Cooling Mechanics
  • Tyre Dealers
  • Suspension Mechanics
  • Smash Repairs
  • Panel Beaters
  • Spare Parts Suppliers
  • Automotive Paint suppliers
  • Automotive Restoration services